Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Favorite Bible Study for Kids!

I went into our local homeschooling store and said to the woman working there that I wanted a Bible study to do with my daughter that focused on the foundations of faith and doctrine - you know - meat and potatoes.  She directed me to this Bible study and it has been the BEST study I've ever seen for a kid and such a joy to do with my daughter.

The name of the study is just called Foundations and it's by Kim High.  I don't know her or do I get anything for telling you about it - but I love it that much that I think the word should get out about this study!

You can purchase it here....

Each week you do a study on a different aspect of the Christian Foundation's of Faith and on the last day you do a craft together that reinforces the concept they just studied.  Well - you know my love of hands on learning - so this is just up my alley!  I think you'd love it too!

First they make a Bible Treasure Box to put all their crafts in and review the concepts they are learning.  It's like a "stone of remembrance" that they are making for themselves for all they will be learning.
Then each week as they make a craft it goes into the box for safe keeping and to treasure about a Truth from God's Word.
 The crafts are easy and well laid out and all the materials you need are right there for almost all the activities.  I think only 2 or three required me to look around the house and find things to make it.  There are a total of 20 lessons in the study, so 20 crafts total go into their Bible Treasure Box.

 Here are Sarah's treasures....
 Sarah likes to build like her Daddy -so this was a favorite craft.  :)

If you end up doing the Bible study - let me know what your thoughts are and how you liked it!  Blessings to everyone!

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