Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celebrating Epiphany - Our Three Kings

Today we celebrated Epiphany!  We made crowns, beards and dressed in some robes I had on hand.  Then we had a 12 crowns hunt to find Baby Jesus and ended it with baking cookies!  

We used the crowns that you can purchase from Oriental Trading - they've come in very handy this year for multiple projects actually!  We glued various "gems" and feathers and star stickers to them.  Then I just cut out beards from construction paper and they glued cotton balls to it.  I punched holes in the sides and attached pipe cleaners to hang the beard over their ears.  Lastly, we put on the robes I had and viola' we had a "wise man"!

The next thing we did was have a 12 crowns hunt for Baby Jesus.  Here is the crowns I made and the clues I gave.  They basically went throughout the house finding each clue until the final clue which took them to the Baby Jesus.   I kept the clues simple and made it easy for the kids given their ages.  

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