Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Off to India - Week 7 CC!

Today we studied India and made dioramas of the Himalayan Mountains.  We also made a Model for the Science Memory Work on Animal Reproduction.

First we dressed for India - I used eyelash glue and rhinestones to put the girl's Bindi's on.  We just got scarfs and jewelry we had - we used white muslin for the turban.

To make the diorama we used shoe boxes (oversized -like for boots works best), fiber fill for clouds, glue gun to attach it, newspaper and tape to form and attach the mountains, and paint.

We then painted the background of the shoebox sky blue, then formed various size mountains with the newspaper (if you open up a sheet of newspaper and then grab it at the middle and pull the rest down it will make a "peak" then you can form it around that).  We taped them in and then painted them and added the clouds at the end with the glue gun.  

To make the model for the Science, we just used cardboard from a box that I cut into rectangles, glue gun to attach everything, cracked eggs I washed and dried, a horse/baby they colored, and air dry clay to model the worms for the fragmentation.


  1. What great memory markers to lodge in the brain!

  2. Wonderful Wednesdays is truly a gift to us all. We are so very blessed.
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! We are several weeks behind you in CC and I always look to your blog for inspiration for fun activities. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put forth to bring these ideas to other family! God Bless you!

  4. Thank you - I'm so happy that it's benefitting/encouraging anyone beyond our little group. We sure are having a blast this year and I feel blessed :). Thank you again for the encouragement!

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