Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making Things Interactive

I love to make things interactive for my kids.  Creating games they can play or learning tools they can manipulate makes learning more engaging!  Here are some things I've made to do that:

Memory Mogul© - is a game I made up because I was tired of Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit!  The game has a Bank (Parent or Tutor) and each player is given money to play with.  The board is filled with one green and one pink card for each number.  As they answer questions and get them right they draw a green card from the number they select for that subject or if they answer incorrect they draw a pink card from a number for that subject.  Each card either has them getting money or giving away money depending on correct or incorrect answers.  The winner is the person holding the most money - but watch out - it could be the BANK!  (I'm hoping to have these available to purchase soon!)

These review circles are available on CC Connected and then I went to my local Project Enlightenment and used their die cut machine and cut out 4 game boards and colored them to correspond with the subjects.  In class the kids can team up and play memory games similar to Candyland.

These are the t-pins and maps for the Geography.  We just went to Staples and got a $3 engineering copy made then had it laminated cheaply at Project Enlightenment and then purchased an $8.97 framed corkboard from Walmart to put the maps on and be able to pin them.  We are pinning maps with all our Geography locations for this year during our Wonderful Wednesdays.  The end of the year, we'll have a beautiful map of where we've been along with our passport stamped for all the Countries.  

This is available on CC Connected as a Math matching game - I just put it on a file folder and stuck an envelope to hold the answer pieces for the kids.

This is also available on CC Connected as a Mnemonic and I took the side with the mnemonic and laminated it to the blocks on the other side so I could use the colored answer strips for my kids to put in order on one side and fill in the mnemonic on the other side.  I used a self-sticking library pocket to hold the answer pieces.


  1. Regarding the engineering print made at Staples--do you take in the Foundations guide and they can blow up a map to 20x30, or do you have to send an electronic file?

  2. Hi Lindsay - You can either: Print the most current 4th Editions blackline master map copy from the CC Connected fileshare or you can just copy the one in the back of your Foundations Guide. Then take it to Staples and they will make an Engineering copy from it. It costs $3. You want to make sure that the map you bring in to copy has the shading correctly printed/copied before you blow it up. Just compare it to make sure it matches the one in your book before getting the Engineer copy. :) Hope that helps.