Friday, January 15, 2016

Schole' in Practice - Week 16

This was our first week back to school from our long holiday break.  The kids were excited to be back and you could feel the energy on campus!  Re-enrollment has begun in our Community.  Open enrollment will begin February 1st for anyone interested in joining our Schole' group.  We have been busy praying and planning for next year already and some exciting changes are coming!

We are expanding next year to include a beautiful program for 4-6 year olds that involves working with the assisted living residents we serve monthly this year.  They are located next door to our current campus.  We are also adding a second day for the upper elementary and middle school students.  Finally, we are expanding to add a Middle School option next year!  God has been good and we are enjoying the blessings of pursuing Schole' together.  If you are interested in learning more about SGCA, you can go to

Join us as we share our Schole' moments from this week…

In spite of the colder weather, we headed outside for our morning cadence for Jesus, after we talked about our virtue focus, which was our final week of discussing the virtue constancy.  


The students reviewed the elements of a story as they began their new unit on Greek Mythology.  The students were introduced to the family tree of the Greek gods.  They read the story of how the world began according to Greek mythology, and the story of Cronus/Zeus.  The terms antagonist and protagonist were introduced today to the students through this first story.


Art appreciation with Mona Lisa, followed by the assembly of a two posable bodies, a front view and side view.  Discussion on DaVinci and his work with drawing the human body was the focus, as the students learned how to begin to draw a human body in proportion.


Our guest performers today were two of our student's fathers, that happen to be good friends and musicians together.  The students listened to some mandolin, banjo, guitar and harmonica today!

The playground games followed our Schole' performers.  We had the students play a four corners game.  In this game there were five cones and a child stood at each, four on the outside corners and one in the center.  Then the center player called out "switch" and everyone had to find a new cone to stand at, but none of them could stand at the center cone.  This left two players on one cone.  Then they had to face off with a quick round of rock, paper, scissors, to determine who would go to the back of the line.  The next student in line took the center spot and the game repeated.  We also had a game of jump rope racing going on at the same time.


We had a special guest this week for our nature study class.  Mike, owner of MAE Farm Meats came to speak to the students about what it's like to be a farmer and all the different hats and skills a farmer must learn, in order to run a farm.  MAE Farms is located in the Raleigh Farmer's Market building and they are an excellent choice for ethical meats and eggs!  Hope you'll stop by and visit them if you're local! 

Our new Latin teacher started this week back to school.  She was wonderful and the kids really enjoyed their class.  They are continuing to work through Song School 2 this second semester.  Today they reviewed vocabulary words with a game of Latin Monkey Match.  

It was a Wonderful Wednesday to be back together learning again!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Schole group. It's a beautiful glimpse into your world. :-)