Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8 - SGCA Schole' in Practice

This week we returned from our fall break and had a fun change of pace for our Schole' lunch, along with starting a new Great Books' section on Ancient Cinderella.  Join us as we put Schole' into practice in our Community...

Morning Time
We are continuing to focus on the various virtues of a student this year and this week's focus was on humility.  We read the book The Tower: A Story of Humility and then we headed out to do our military cadence for the Lord, to start our morning right.

Great Books
Today started a shift in Great Books from poetry and literary devices to learning the elements of a story.  The kids will be reading Cinderella in several versions from different ancient cultures.  Today's story was from Africa and it was entitled Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale (Picture Puffin).  Our Academic Mentor is utilizing the Teaching the Classics as her source text to teach the story board for this class.

Fine Arts
In this class today the focus was on texture and strokes, with the student's finishing their tropical birds project.  This quarter the kids will begin to embark on learning about set design and props for our next learning celebration in November!

Schole' Lunch!
This week we had a special guest performance from Graceful Expressions Dance Education.  It was a joy to see even the boys join in on this interactive performance!  Our student's were given a short performance choreographed by the students performing.  Then they educated the kids a little on what choreography was, and each of the dancer's background in dance as well as their interest in choreography was shared.  Lastly, they engaged the kids in doing some movement and trying out their skills at some choreography too.  The kids asked good questions and fully participated.  We can't wait for Graceful Expressions to return next semester again!  
Once our guests were done, the kids headed outside to continue to work on their skills with Chinese Jumprope, hopscotch and cat's cradle.  

Science - Nature Study
We headed out with the kids today on a nature walk for science.  The kids had a scavenger hunt for various types of leaves that they were looking for.  They are continuing to work on their skills at observation and classification.  When they returned from the walk, they played the Caterpillar Walk game.  This game had one child be the "head" of the caterpillar, while they walked the other students behind them with their eyes closed (the body), on a particular path.  Those following behind had to keep their eyes closed the whole time and when they got to the chosen destination, they were able to feel around with their hands and feet, to try and identify where they were.  Then they were walked back to the starting point, with eyes still closed.  Once they got to the starting point, they then opened their eyes and had to guess where they had walked to.  It was a fun lesson in observation using senses beyond your eyes to figure out location and surroundings.  

Today for math games they played the familiar dice game of pig.  They used their mental math skills and critical thinking to add/subtract/multiply and divide to an assigned number.  
Today the kids were focused in on learning words related to school from their Song School Latin 2 books.  They watched the video indoors and worked in their workbooks outside, amid the beautiful NC weather!  The kids get to have a Latin toga party this next week - so be on the look out for that post!  

We had a Wonderful Wednesday together.  

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