Sunday, September 20, 2015

Schole' in Practice - SGCA Week 5

Week five was filled with outdoor adventures, new playground games from ancient history and some final poetry writing, to name a few things...  

Morning Time
This morning we finished our study of the Virtue Love.  We focused on how to put Love in action.  The kids were given a Love Challenge.  The point of studying and talking about Virtues is not just to give the kids head knowledge, but to see that knowledge transfer to heart knowledge, and change the world.  To motivate them to act out deeds of Love, they were told they can work on completing 10 out of the 40 Love in Action Challenge by the middle of October and we will be having an ice cream party to celebrate!  To end our morning time the kids did their military cadence to some words of faith.

Great Books
Today the kids zeroed in on their final picks for the coming Poetry Cafe'.  They finished up their literary devices of metaphor, simile and personification together.  They turned in their poetry picks for reciting at the coming Learning Celebration. 

Fine Arts
In class the kids continued working on their skills in drawing and composition.  They will be displaying their efforts from this past six weeks during their Learning Celebration in September with an Art Show at the Poetry Cafe'.

Schole' Lunch
This week we had writer, speaker, life coach and artist Lizzie Branch from Soul Graffiti as our guest for Schole' lunch.  Mrs. Branch brought a sample of her beautiful art work and then talked to the children about different types of art and the basics of drawing.  She gave the kids a chance to ask questions (which they did a lot of!)  She shared with them a quick glimpse of her book: Squeaky The Selfish Squirrel that she wrote and illustrated.  She shared how this book got her started as an artist and she promised to return next semester to read it to the kids (along with her newest book getting ready to be released) -so stay tuned for next semester!  
The second half of our lunch the kids were introduced to the idea of how to play hopscotch.  We talked about its ancient history roots...

This week in Latin they were working on words that had to do with communicating with others from Chapter 9 in Song School Latin 2.  They played a review game of charades to practice the Latin that they have been learning.

The math game today was using dice.  The kids were given a number and then they had to roll their dice and using the numbers they rolled, they could add, subtract, multiply or divide to get to that number. 

Today the kids went on a nature walk to continue to work on their skills of observation and classification.  The kids had categories they were looking specifically at and then writing down their observations that fit within them.  They had the categories of weather, leaves, animals and what was under a rotted log.  Each child was given time to make their observations individually and then it was discussed as a group while they recorded their findings.

We had a Wonderful Wednesday together doing Schole'!


  1. What fun! What a wonderful way to learn.

    1. Thank you Phyllis - it really is wonderful. I have to pinch myself sometimes that this is real. :) haha

  2. I am loving these weekly photo updates! Thank you for detailing each day for us. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! It's such a fun way to recollect the joy that each Community day is bringing to me and the kids.

  3. I enjoyed taking time to read this today! Are you enjoying the new adventure?!?!? Miss you guys!

    1. We are loving this adventure. God is so good and continues to show me His goodness and fullness each week. :)