Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tea for Tuesday

I have been weeding out my life and creating more time, to just have time.  Time for great books, and conversation and creating some rhythms in our day.  We like alliteration at our house.  This past year we would frequent a local cafe' for what we called Fresca Friday's - it was a motivator for my daughter to work hard during the week so she could go to Fresca Friday and do school work together over a chai tea latte (Mom's favorite) and an italian ice (her favorite).  Then I discovered a great little tool for creating my own chai tea latte's at home using this little inexpensive Ikea Milk Frother and we've moved it to Tea on Tuesdays to read together and talk, making our own latte's together!  It's lots of fun as I steep the tea and she gets to froth the milk.  We still go to Fresca on some Fridays, but now we can snuggle up on the screen porch on a pretty day or the couch, and read together over a cup of tea!

What to Read?

Tea and great books can't be beat.  Perhaps you're not quite sure what to read to your child though.  I have a terrific book for you that can help guide you in this journey.  It's from Classical Academic Press and it's called The Classical Reader: A Comprehensive Reading Guide for K-12 Students.  This easy to manage book will become your friend.  It's easy to carry around with you, it provides a place for you to keep a record of what your student has read and it's broken down by grade level, level of difficulty and genre.  It can help you with what to read now and what to read in the future as you plan ahead.  
One of my favorite things about this book is their recommendations for those Moms and Dads that want to go deeper in their understanding of the Classical Tradition.  They have listed the recommended books to read by genre and reading level.  I've read several on here and they are terrific picks!  
This book has been written based on years of research and the recommendations are carefully chosen and sure to help you shape your student's loves - cultivating an appreciation for Truth, Beauty and Virtue.  You can get this great book for either 20% off now with the discount code SGM20ED or take your chance to get it FREE if you are one of the two chosen winners, by entering the Giveaway below!  Hurry - it's only good till June 30th!  


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