Friday, May 1, 2015

Bless a Homeschooler Giveaway - Dear Classical Mom


Mother's Day is right around the corner and I've gotten together with a group of bloggers to bring you a giveaway and blog hop that we are hoping will bless your socks off!

We not only hope to bless several moms with some pretty awesome giveaway prizes, but we also hope to bless many more moms through the Letters to Moms Blog Hop (that you can find at the end of this post), where each participating blogger is writing a 'Dear Mom' letter.  These letters will be anything from a letter to our own moms, a letter to ourselves, a letter to a mother figure, or a generalized letter to a group of moms, such as weary moms, hopeless moms, expecting moms, single moms....... Maybe one of these letters will speak to you!

So please, hop around to the many other bloggers below, and of course enter to win the giveaway too - there will be 4 winners with the total prize value over $1000!

Dear Classical Mom,
I've grown to understand motherhood in a way that I never could have imagined possible when I was in my twenties.  In my twenties, I thought children were just a cool addition to make life "fun" and full of adventure.  I really had no idea what motherhood entailed.  I knew none of the obstacles, heartaches, fears, difficulties or enormous blessings, that the title Mother would hold.  I think it's much like marriage - you can't really put into words, all the struggles and blessings -you just have to experience it.  As a classically educating Mom, let me share "the Trivium of Motherhood".    

The Grammar Stage of Motherhood
This is a fun stage in many ways.  It's new and exciting.  Long awaited dreams of being a mother are being fulfilled, and you can't wait to learn all there is to know about being a great mother.  You devour books about motherhood, eager to accumulate knowledge about this new adventure.  You are building your motherhood vocabulary.  So many words you've never heard of before!  This stage is built on acquiring knowledge and understanding the grammar of speaking "mother".  It's the stage where you learn about diapers, formula, bathing, naps, feeding, etc.  You gravitate to friends who are also doing the "mommy" thing and begin to hang around together, enjoying coffee or tea with conversation, while the little ones play together.  You compare notes on mothering with your friends and grow in your understanding.  You and your husband talk about all the cute things your child is doing and enjoy just being parents.  You may even think about adding to this joyful experience by having another.  It seems like you "got this thing" when you are towards the end of the grammar stage of motherhood.  

The Dialectic Stage of Motherhood
Rubber begins to meet the road.  You begin to realize that the baby phase, where it seemed you couldn't go too wrong and the worse that you may do is leave a diaper on too long or perhaps let them sleep too long and spend a lengthy evening awake as a result, is over.  Now you need to really understand what to do with this beautiful creation God has given you to be in charge of.  You begin to try and understand how to teach your child about the world around them, how to engage them in the beautiful, in truth and seek to grow virtue in their little hearts.  You read books about discipline and how to teach your child the things you think are important.  You dig deeper, looking for meaning in motherhood.  You wrestle with big ideas in parenting. You develop rhythms of parenting, traditions of family and seek to establish your home in fullness.  The years are spent pursuing what you think is the best course of action for your child, praying to God that it truly is, and trusting Him that it will all work out.  This is where you encounter bumps, bruises, and even brokenness at times.  It's the developing of muscles needed to grow strong and wise in motherhood, and to grow strong, wise children.  You talk with your husband about logistical issues of parenting, problem solving through difficulties, and navigating bumps together.   You talk about your dreams for this child, your fears and your wishes for how it will all turn out in the end.  You pray a LOT!    

The Rhetoric Stage of Motherhood
Nearing the launching point.  Your child is moving out and on, to begin their own journey.  You begin to see the outcome of many of your years and tears.  Hopefully, you've become "seasoned" and wise as a parent.  You've recognized the mistakes you've made, but even more so, the things that you did right.  You see the fruits of your labor, God's mercy and grace.  You begin to mentor other younger moms just starting the journey, or perhaps your own daughter or daughter-in-law may seek your advice, and recognize the wisdom you possess as a Mom.  We have conversations with our husbands about the successes and failures of the many years invested in parenting this child.    

So Dear Classical Mom, wherever you are in the "Trivium" of motherhood, I pray that the Lord is encouraging your hearts and giving you peace and joy in the journey.  Happy Mother's Day!

And now for the giveaway!

Mother's Day Giveaway Pin Blank

The prizes will be as follows -

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Each winner will also win a digital copy of I'd Rather Be Your Mommy by Stacy Farrell

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The above photos are of my beautiful mother, whom I love!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!


  1. I was 32 and now have 5 children!

  2. I was 32 and I have 4 children

  3. I've been a homeschooling mom for 24 years, with a "pinch" of Classical mixed in my teach style. I've never thought about applying these stages to motherhood - wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

    1. Linda - Thank you for stopping by and entering! I am glad you enjoyed the paradigm of classical motherhood. :)

  4. I enjoyed reading this perspective on Motherhood. I love it. I am finishing up my second year homeschooling, with children ranging from ages 3 to 12. This was a nice read :)

    1. Thank you for reading and stopping by. God bless in your homeschooling journey. :)

  5. I was 24 when I had my first child, and am now blessed with 4 kiddos.