Thursday, March 26, 2015

Preamble Fun with Lichtenstein!

Today we were commemorating our timeline memory work with our dress up of New York's own Lady Liberty.  We also celebrated our history sentence for the week, by doing a Lichtenstein art project, that reflected our patriotism!

I printed out a few patriotic coloring pages to give the kids some patriotic ideas, and we looked at some online pop art with my computer.  We talked about Lichtenstein's "pop art" style, recalling our earlier experiences in Community during the fine artists segment.  I gave the kids some pencils to begin to lightly draw what they would eventually paint.
Then I supplied them with some primary colored paints, brushes and Q-tips, to paint their outlines and dots.  The kids did a super job of coming up with patriotic images to make pop art!  Pop art elements, incorporate dots and stripes, with primary colors and bold outlines.  The kids outlined their drawings and then began to add their stripes and dots as appropriate.  We had one clever Mom who's budding artist wanted to draw a flower, which wasn't patriotic.  So she came up with a compromise of fireworks, that were shooting flowers.  I love this group of creative Moms.
The older two in our group, took on the more difficult drawings of the United States map (drawing the "man in the middle" to stand out, was her artistic flare) and the Statue of Liberty beautifully drawn and painted.  I think they did a fantastic job with these more difficult elements.  All the kids paintings came out beautiful!  
Then to finish our day, we did an extended time of review (Sarah was memory master testing upstairs with one of the Moms).  Then they made and ate, some good ol' New York style food...Pizza!
The dress up for NY was too cute!  I'm not sure who loves it, who gets to photograph them each week, or the kids who get to dress up each week!  I think it's a tie.  =)
I hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday too!


  1. Love this! I may do this at home with my guy in the next week! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you Mary! I hope your son enjoys it! :) Blessings - Colleen

  2. Replies
    1. Your crew was missed. :) Blessings - Colleen

  3. Your Lichtenstein art projects look like they were a blast! Thanks for sharing. :-)