Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pi Day Celebration!

For us, celebrating Pi Day was started three years ago by happenstance.  I heard on the radio that Pi day was being celebrated by a local restaurant, offering slices of pie for $3.14 that day…mentioning it to my WW Moms, two of us ended up going and we've celebrated each year since.  This year was a special Pi Day - it won't come again for 100 years!  So we did a party this time, and it was lots of fun.  

We started out by tattooing the kids with some terrific Pi tattoos I found on Amazon. 
We started out with a game where the kids were given dice and then had to roll together, with the first person to roll 3 1 4, being the winner!  
I had written down a bunch of facts regarding Pi and the first 45 numbers in Pi.  Then the kids were told to write their birthdate down and go through those Pi numbers until they got all the way through their birthdate numbers.  The one who got the furthest in Pi was the winner!
Scissors were given out and the kids cut out a cute cootie-catcher that they then folded origami style to complete and play with.
Taking paper plates, the kids were given rulers and pencils, then they found the diameter, radius and calculated the circumference of their paper plate.  Flipping over their plate to the back, the kids made some Pi art by writing 0-9 around their plates edge, and then as I called out the numbers of Pi, they would draw lines from and to those numbers.  Once they were done, they colored in the spaces and made an abstract piece of Pi art!  
Then it was time for the tastiest part of the day - eating PIE!!!  We started with Pizza Pie and then moved on to Banana Creme Pie and Blueberry Pie!  They wore as much as they ate, I think.  =)  
To end the day, we made Pi Day t-shirts with everyone who was there.  Each t-shirt was autographed by everyone, to commemorate celebrating together for this epic day in math history!  
That was our Pi day - I hope you celebrated somehow special!  

I love these Wonderful Women!  


  1. What a fantastic Pi day. We had a great one too. You can go to the website to find your birthday in Pi. The website is We had fun seeing whose birthday came up first.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Dawn - How fun! Thank you for stopping by! Blessings - Colleen