Friday, October 10, 2014

Patriotic Copywork- "4 Pack" Giveaway!

I'm excited to tell you about a neat new offering from that sharp young lady, Amy Maze, who you may recognize from either Living and Learning at Home or Classical Copywork!  Amy has designed a Patriotic Copywork Pack and she is offering two (2) free "4 Pack" copies to giveaway, here at Solagratiamom™!  This is great copywork for Classical Conversations' curriculum users especially, as it lines up with Cycle 3 beautifully!  

The Beginner Pack includes: The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, The Preamble to the Constitution, and God Bless America; designed with the beginning student in mind who is just learning to write, needing practice and not quite ready to move to smaller lined copywork.  The Pack offers generous 5/8" tall lines with dashed mid-lines to help your beginner student achieve success in writing.  Available in both print as well as cursive.  

The Elementary Pack includesThe Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, The Preamble to the Constitution, God Bless America, The Mayflower Compact, and the beginning of the Declaration of Independence; "designed for the young writer who has the basics down and is ready for practice".  Created with 3/8" tall lines with a dashed mid-line for extra guidance.  Like the Beginner Pack, the Elementary Pack is available in both print and cursive.

The two winners will each get the "4 Pack", which includes both the Beginner Pack AND the Elementary Pack with Cursive and Print as described above.  What a super giveaway for families that have children at different levels or to use both now and later as your child progresses in their copywork abilities.  I personally have used these type of downloads, to print out at home for copywork and prefer them to hardback books you can purchase of copywork.  I like that they are inexpensive, you can print multiple copies and they can be used repeatedly over years (or multiple times through the Cycles if you're doing CC).

This copywork would compliment any American history curriculum and not just CC.  What a great way to get your kids to memorize some important documents, pledges, songs and pieces of American history!  
"The purpose of copywork is to get into the child’s visual (and motor) memory the look and feel of a sentence that is corrrectly composed, and properly spelled, spaced, and punctuated." - Jessie Wise (The Well-Trained Mind)
Click here to visit Classical Copywork and check out all of her offerings!
If you want to purchase and still enter to win - go for it!  You can get credited for your purchase if your name is drawn!
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