Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wonderful Wednesdays Link-Up #3

Welcome to Week #3 of Wonderful Wednesday Weekly Link-Up!  If you're new to Solagratiamom:  the purpose of this Link-Up is to showcase how other classically minded families have creatively brought their lessons to life for their kids!  

Last Week's Top Two...


This week's most clicked on link was from 101 Days of Homeschooling  about IEW Sentence Openers!  Anne offers some fantastic suggestions - so head over and check them out if you haven't already!

The second most clicked on post was from...
Solagratiamom™ regarding classical and creative and whether or not they go together.  If you aren't sure that they do, then I'd encourage you to read it.

This Week's Link-Up!

Being creative can be something crafty or it can be something unique with your own hands on approach to teaching anything within the classical model of education.  Share it here!  Let's put our creative genius together and inspire others to reach beyond the pencil at times, to teach the classical method!  My goal isn't fun -but rather, to encourage our children to become life long learners and see the joy in learning because that is FUN!  So mark your blogging calendars and plan to stop by each week and LINK-UP!

Link Up Rules:

    • Link directly to that post using the URL, not the blog in general.  
    • Appropriate posts are things such as: experiments, education themed dress up or re-enactment, dioramas, projects, educational crafts, fine art creations or unique field trip ideas.
    • You must be a classically educating family, following the classical model (curriculum choice doesn't matter).
    • State your post topic in the link description and pick a relevant thumb nail so your blog topic can be easily identified by viewers - DO NOT post links to your general blog name.  Use the specific URL for that post you are wanting to share*.
    • Please place the Wonderful Wednesday's button below, somewhere on your blog's webpage.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you all are creating out there in the name of a classical education!  I would love to see any link ups that were inspired by a Wonderful Wednesday idea too - copy cats are very welcome!!! 

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