Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Day 17 - Compassion International

Advent Day 17 - Compassion International

Today we focused on the world outside of our own.  A wonderful experience to bring some of the continents we have learned in our memory work alive.

We traveled to South America, Africa and Asia.  I should be exhausted, right?  We didn't have to board a plane or go through customs - we just went on a walking tour through Compassion International's Mobile Experience.  The Mobile Experience is several large tractor trailers set up to become a world away for those who enter the doors and don an iPod with headphones.  I'd recommend tissues instead of a packed suitcase though, because it is definitely a tearful experience but one that cleanses the soul.

 Compassion International's Mobile Experience was an amazing tool to experience a day in the life of a child growing up in one of those continents.  You get to experience three different children's lives from their perspective and narrated by them.  You go on a room by room narration and travel the journey of that child and how God intervened through Compassion International, to change the path of their life.  Each room you walk through looked and is fully propped, to be just like what they would have lived in.  Then you move from room to room as prompted by the Ipod, as the narration continues and your eyes are filled with scene after scene of what is indescribable until you see it for yourself.   The stories are moving, the props are excellent.  Of the three stories today we heard, one of them had the actual child featured and narrating her story on the iPod (now an adult) waiting there at the very end to greet you and allow your kids to ask questions of her.

If you can make a Mobile Experience near you, I would highly recommend it!  My daughter was moved and it opened her heart and eyes in such a dramatic way.  She wanted to adopt all the kids that needed sponsors (which is the final room you enter -but there is no pressure to adopt any of them).  There are walls lined with children who are looking for sponsors.  Sarah wanted to look at each one and pick just the right child.  She chose a young boy from Asia.  I found her questions of Jillian (the girl above) revealing of her soft heart when she asked "Can you tell me which child has the MOST needs, because that's the one that I want to adopt."  Spoken like a true sibling of a child with special needs. =)

Some of the things that she said after really cracked me up though, like "Gee Mom, now I know what you mean when you say that I'm acting spoiled." and "Now I know what it means to be really hungry - I won't complain anymore about my dinner." (somehow I think this one won't stick - lol)

Keeping it CC - In the description we read that was given regarding the child we adopted (which tells about the country, it's culture, history etc.) we found 3 different timeline and or history sentence tie-ins!

As a final note there is a fun game to play on their website for the kids - so check it out.....

Have a blessed Advent Day 17!

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