Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Year 2 Week 11 - Other Space Bodies and Marie Antoinette!

Cycle 2            Week 11                              Other Space Bodies and Marie Antoinette!

Today we focused our project on enriching our science memory work.  I created a project that would help them remember what those other space bodies were using the Everything You Need to Know About Science book as my reference for my information we would be labeling/covering.  I especially wanted them to know the differences between those elusive terms - meteoroid, meteor, meteorite!

We started our day like always, doing our lapbooks together.
We also dressed up for our history sentence today.  It was a very fun dress up and the kids all did a great job of thinking up how to represent the 1700's.  So I will start there, with making the costume.  Honestly, truth be told, I didn't even have a costume as of 4:30pm last night - I know, the queen of planning everything out didn't plan too well for this week's costume :)-.  I did have a good start on my wig, but needed to still paint it and I went out to Goodwill before they closed thinking that I could surely come up with something 1700's there!  LOL  Well, I was  right and I was able to find a suitable skirt and blouse to use, along with plenty of strategically placed pins  (I also stumbled on 4 women at the Goodwill who couldn't help but be curious as I laid out clothes - they were more than eager to share their opinions of what they thought would work best - so I guess it was a group effort!)

To make my wig, I started out with a small grocery bag and folded it in to reinforce the head area that she would be wearing and to make it sturdy enough to hold the weight of creating height.  I placed it around my daughter's head and gathered it snuggly then removed it and stapled it to that size.  Next I began pulling out all those toilet paper rolls that I have compulsively saved for "some project" -proving to my husband who thought I was crazy for saving them - that ANYTHING is a future project waiting to happen - just trust me :).  LOL.  Then I started folding a bunch of magazine pages.  I tore one out and folded it in half and then rolled it to about the size of a small cigar, taping each end to keep it closed.  Once I had all my rolls both large and small, I heated up my hot glue gun and began to glue them onto my bag.  I had to spray Kilz® on it to cover well because the toilet paper rolls wanted to suck up all the paint - and then I put a final coat of white paint over that.  Lastly, I hot glued a large butterfly and some pearls to complete the look.

To make our space bodies you will need the following supplies:

*Black poster board (cut in half)
*Model magic
*Cannellini beans
*Aquarium rocks
*Black beans
*Shaving cream
*Styrofoam® plate (cut in half)
*Foam pieces
*1 1/2" Styrofoam® ball (cut in half)
*Gold, blue & white curling ribbon
*Tacky glue
*Hot glue gun
*Fiber fill
*Labels (I made mine from google searching and putting information I wanted them to know)

First we all painted our 1/2 Styrofoam® plate with yellow paint to make it our "sun" and it was placed on the farthest right side of the poster board. (we added some optional glitter to make it sparkle)  I explained that the sun was important to comets...
I had pre-made all the comets using model magic, blue, gold and white curling ribbon.  The reason for blue and white was to represent the colors seen as the comet nears the sun and begins to burn off and show it's tail.  I had a good illustration in a book showing the kids how comets orbit and the affect it has on their tail.
We then used the aquarium rocks and cannellini beans to make an astroid belt and we talked about where it is (referencing our planet project two weeks earlier) and they were glued on with tacky glue.
Then we cut our foam pieces to be our meteoroid.  We talked about the way to remember that a meteoroid is in outer space beyond our atmosphere, is because it likes to stay with the astROID - so the ROIDS stay together in space.

We then took our 1/2 Styrofoam® ball and painted it to represent the earth.  We placed it on our poster board and then the kids got to get messy by making puff paint.  Always a big hit with the kids and not so big a hit with the Moms who have to clean them up.  LOL  The puff paint was used to show the earth's atmosphere for the next placement of our space body - the Meteor.  Reference was made to last year's cycle 1 project regarding the layers of the atmosphere.

To make the meteor the kids took the model magic and the fiber fill (to create the streak of light).  We talked about the way to remember this is called a meteOR is because it could hit the earth OR it could not.  So this was placed inside the earth's atmosphere where the name changes from meteoroid to meteor.
Lastly, the kids took their black bean and pushed it into the Styrofoam® earth the create a meteorite.  We glued it in place with hot glue.  I told them that how I remember that a meteorite is a meteor that hits the earth's surface is by thinking of our timeline song hand motions for Hittites - because the hand motion is to strike your hand and Hittite and Meteorite rhyme.  OK - long but for me it works. :)

The kids had their space themed snacks.  I made a "martian" using raisin boxes, juice box, applesauce cup and a spoon.  Then we had "astroid" cereal (Panda Puffs®) and banana/strawberry rockets on skewers with peanut butter "windows".  These were a hit but not nearly as creative as the music notes from last week!

We finished up our Wonderful Wednesday with a game of Mother May I - CC Review style.


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  2. What fun!!! You always have the best activities to compliment the CC memory work! --Kristen@TeachingStars

    1. Thank you Kristen! I appreciate your encouragement and feedback! Blessings - Colleen :)

  3. Okay almost every week I pin something from your blog! Love the wigs and with all the girls in this house you better beleieve we'll be doing that next year when we hit the French Rev. in history.

    1. Thank you and great idea! I may have to pull that wig out again next year - two for one is always nice on projects! :) Have a blessed day!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Anna - it really was neat to see how my daughter got an experiential understanding of the difficulty for women wearing those hairstyles in the 1700's - I should have put a boat in there! Tough to walk with all that junk on your head! LOL :)

  5. Ok, I've got a question...where do you keep all your fantastic projects? Do you have a display wall, a box, or do they get thrown out relatively quickly?

  6. Good question Amy! My husband ended up over the summer, building me a shelf that goes the entire length of my basement hall about 2 foot from the top of the ceiling to put it all on! I also have some on top of my cabinets in my basement kitchen and on bookshelves! I can't throw them away! :) I may recycle them into another project down the road - haha - just kidding! Blessings - Colleen :)

    1. I figured you would say that you keep them =) We moved into a house (from a condo) a year ago, and I have visions of setting up that kind of thing in our basement too. Thanks for sharing!

    2. I was also wondering if you stored or tossed all of your wonderful projects. We did some many last year that I just didn't have room for them. I piled them all onto the kitchen table, spread them out, took close-up and landscape pictures......then threw them away. :'( If I hadn't, we wouldn't have had any room for THIS year's stuff. :-)

      Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  7. First - I love the wig and can't believe it's made from paper rolls. Awesome! I also like the Roid trick for remembering meteors. We learned that meteorites are on Earth because they are RIGHT here. - Thanks for linking with Entertaining and Educational.

  8. I was going back in to the people linking up from the first week, and I totally missed commenting on your post, even though I'd pinned it. Oops....