Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Devotional - GIVEAWAY!!!

I am excited to give away one copy of this Christmas devotional by Katherine Loop entitled The Promised One.  As you probably realize by now, I really enjoy Katherine's perspective on teaching Biblical math and I have also really enjoyed her Devotional books she's put together for the Holidays. They are a terrific springboard for further discussion (and I have even been able to tie into mathematical concepts at times during our conversations - I'm sure Katherine would be proud - haha)
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This kids devotion book for the Christmas holidays begins December 1st and goes until Christmas.  My daughter and I have been doing the Thanksgiving devotional (see previous post) and my daughter loves it!  She enjoys coloring the pictures and drawing as I read and we talk about the topic.  These devotionals have just enough theological truth to convey what you'd want your child to understand about God without being too deep for the younger ones to understand as well.  Below is a sample of one day's Devotional.....

Here is a page from Sarah's Thanksgiving devotional we've been doing.....


  1. I love how you expand on the CC materials. We frequently use your worksheets from C3 in our home school, and as I tutor as well!

  2. You are an inspiration! I found your blog randomly the other day working on my abecedarian tutor plan and am in LOVE with your style and structure. Your Wonderful Wednesdays are so neat. I really want to start one with my CC families and friends. I am excited to see all your future posts! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. We love Katherine's books on Math, I am hoping to be able to purchase them soon. Thank you for doing a giveaway on more of her materials!