Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hands On Devotional for Thanksgiving! by Katherine Loop

I have made a conscious effort to really focus in on God during the Holidays.  It's such a busy time when you can get so caught up in decorating, entertaining, buying and doing - that God gets left in the dust somewhere along the way.  This year I am again, trying to keep the focus where it belongs during the Holidays and I have found a terrific hands on way to do that with my kids for Thanksgiving and Christmas from Katherine Loop.  Today I am featuring her Thanksgiving Devotional.

That name may be familiar to those of you who follow me because she is also the person who wrote:
773137: Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching  Math Biblically Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically
By Katherine A. Loop / Christian Perspective
-that terrific book I would recommend EVERY Christian homeschooling family purchase to approach Math (using any curriculum) in a Biblical way.  You can click on my Reviews button and find details regarding her books about teaching Math Biblically.

So back to the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching.  Katherine has provided a kids Devotional for the month of November that I really love.  She has you begin November 1st work through to Thanksgiving.  The part I really like is that it offers a hands on approach for kids.  As you study through who God is each day, the kids will be making their own little booklet to go along.  Every day they will decorate a page in their book and glue cut outs that correspond with the devotions to their booklet as well.  When you are through with the month, they will have a booklet completed that they "authored" and decorated concerning the Character of God.

If you would like to purchase this e-book download to do with your children for November it is offered at for $13.99
or Click Here to Purchase

In addition, I am going to be offering one FREE copy to a lucky viewer on November 1st!  It's a quick raffle - so enter NOW!

A free copy of this Devotional was provided for review.  The opinions expressed are my own. 

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