Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Freebies - Medieval Times

I wanted to pass along several freebies that are out there relevant to Cycle 2.  Some of them do require that you "sign up" by giving your e-mail and creating a password but it's well worth it because you will get notifications each month regarding what is free for that month from them.  I peruse them each month to see if anything relevant and save them into files on my computer if it's for a Cycle other than the current one.

The first is on Currclick and it is HERE called Medieval Careers: Pages and Squires

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great website and they have several things that may be of interest:

        Medieval Times Unit Plan - Lesson #1 (Grade 4) HERE

        Medieval Times: Becoming a Knight HERE

A classical integration of Medieval Times with Math is HERE  Coordinate Drawing (Heraldry Coat of Arms)

There is a blog post that has a links to 7 FREE e-books on Medieval Times in PDF format HERE

There is a wordsearch HERE

For a nominal fee of .99 cents this is a worthwhile copywork download for Medieval Times HERE

Happy studying Medieval Times for Cycle 2!

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