Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Review - Planet Box!!

I continue to get ready for Back to School.  In that pursuit, I have looked for products that fit with our lifestyle and needs for this coming school year.  I came across  Of course, in keeping with my obsession for anything Cycle 2 relevant this year, I was overjoyed to discover they not only have a great product but more importantly in the eye of a CC Mom (ok maybe just this crazy CC Mom), they have constellation, rockets and space alien themed magnets that go on their products!  What more could you ask for???  I loved them right away!  

As if that wasn't enough to get me (they had me at constellation magnets, really), they also offer a smart lunchbox guide through their Plan-A-Box, Share-A-Box feature on their website.  This helpful tool allows you to see meals that other families have planned and placed inside their Planet Boxes and they are labeled for specific diets such as gluten free, vegetarian, etc.  There is a tool that allows you to plan your own Planet Box food creations and share it with others (requires an e-mail address to Plan A Box)!  There are some really creative ideas on there that are healthy and fun - like this picture of a Box below.  Think of Pinterest for Planet Box lunches!    

They come in three different sizes -their names also conveniently matching our Cycle 2 science studies, as they are called Shuttle, Rover and Launch!  (Can you totally see why I loved them???  It just gets better.)  They are dishwasher safe, have interchangeable magnets, encourage healthy eating and provide portion control.  No nasty plastics to worry about!  They also have ice packs that you can get to slide into their packs to keep their lunches cold until you need them.    

So as you can see - this is not your old fashioned metal lunch box!  It is a great solution for a health conscious Mom who is looking for a no waste meal solution for their CC Community days!  I love the way that they have segmented containers and they have a unique TV dinner tray/bento box feel to them that kids really love.  I encourage you to take a look on their website today and pick out your Cycle 2 relevant Planet Box today!         

This Reviewer received a free Shuttle Box from Planet Box in exchange for the review of their products.  The thoughts expressed are Solagratiamom's own and are not influenced by the company in any way.  

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