Saturday, June 8, 2013

Venus - God's Signature in Space!

Last Wednesday in our summer astronomy class we explored Venus.  This planet being the hottest one in the whole solar system but not the closest to the sun, was where we went in our studies of Astronomy.

I love Venus!  Why?  Well, if I was God and I wanted to do something that would totally say "It's ME!" it would be Venus!  Being the ONLY planet to spin the opposite direction of all the others, is just like God isn't it?  It's like a signature at the bottom of an artist's painting - it sticks out from all the rest to clearly say, "it was me that created this masterpiece".

The activity was making "lava" using butter & flour.  A little red food coloring was added to make it look more real!  This activity is in the Apologia - Exploring Creation with Astronomy book, as are all the activities we do each week.
 The next activity they did was to learn how radar is used.....

The kids liked seeing what they plotted.

Lastly, they painted their Mercury from last week and made a volcanic Venus to paint the following!

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