Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lapbooks by Wisdom and Righteousness -Cycle 2 - Review

I happen to love Classical Conversations and I love Lapbooks.  So naturally, when I came across I knew I had found a perfect combination.  Lapbooks are an enhancement to our Wonderful Wednesdays group that meets in my home each week during the school year.  We start off our weekly group time by lapbooking through that weeks memory work together using the materials Karen has created.  The lapbooks go right along with the weeks memory work for the Cycle, perfectly!  They create an interactive way for the kids to relate to the memory work.  They make terrific presentations for CC too!  I'm all about finding ways to make things creative and memorable and I think these beautiful lapbooks are one of those things!
The lapbooks for Cycle 2 are full of colorful pictures that really bring the memory work to life.  A favorite included in this Cycle's labpooks are the clever math punch outs she has designed.  They are a neat way to practice skip counting for sure!  There is an additional option this year of making a binder book instead of the traditional tri-fold lapbooks.  I LOVE this option!  I will definitely be utilizing this in my Wonderful Wednesdays group for this year!  This new option allows you to put the memory work together by subject rather than by six week segments as previously done.  I think it's a fabulous idea and will make this already user friendly lapbook, even more so!  She continues to offer the additional add on pages for the lapbooks with places for the kids to do a timeline, book reports, recipes, poems and much more.  Your kids will enjoy the cutting, folding, pasting, sorting, labeling, identifying and interacting as they create these beautiful original books and make them their very own.

If you'd like to purchase one of these highly recommended, creative lapbook links please click below...

Click Here
In order to be able to complete these lapbooks you will need a 4th Edition Foundations Guide which you can purchase from  You can also find a Classical Conversations Community near you on their website!

If you are looking to spend a day each week interacting with pieces of the memory work and lapbooking together as a group (called Wonderful Wednesdays) then check out my Cycle 2 Teaching Plan which combines lapbooking, projects, experiments and lots of links to hands on ideas for teaching the memory work week by week in more detail.

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