Sunday, March 10, 2013

Memory Review Party #2 for our CC Community

Timeline Limbo!
My wonderful Director took a chance on my idea to have two Foundation's Community wide "Review Parties" this year.  We scheduled one in the beginning 12 weeks of our year and the second was scheduled to occur toward the end of our second 12 weeks. The idea was to build relationships among parents and children within our Foundation's Community while encouraging them in their pursuit of Foundation's memory work.  I also wanted the kids to see practicing memory work can be fun - hopefully encouraging the kids to work hard at home!  We had a good turn out in spite of the many busy athletic schedules and the fact that it was a nice day which we hadn't seen as of late!  One third of the Foundation's Community was present to participate!

I set up 6 game stations for the kids to rotate through.  I divided the kids into 6 teams based on the number of children we had participating (about 24).  First I asked them to separate into kids going for Memory Master and those who were not.  I wanted to make sure there was at least a few kids on each team that could carry the memory work if needed.  We had the three groups (two teams for each group) participate by rotating through three stations at a time (because that was the best way to do it with the number of parent volunteers we had).  The game moderators were instructed to change the games to fit the ages and abilities of those in their groups as they saw fit - I just gave them a framework to start from for their station.  The stations were:

1) Geography Race - three maps were displayed and wooden skewers were used for pointers.  The kids were lined up in their teams and then a location was called out and each child raced to their map to find the location first.  There were judges at each map to ensure they pointed to the right location.

2)  Math Ball/Ring Toss - the kids recited their math and were then allowed to try and make baskets for points to add to their team.  The little kids could do ring toss instead of basketball.  

3)  Science Relay - the kids relayed their answers to the Science question lists along their team for each of the memory questions asked.   

4)  Latin Hop Scotch and Hula Hoop - the kids hop scotched their way through the Latin noun endings and hula hooped as they waited their turns.

5)  Duck Duck Goose English Grammar - this game one child would stand up and then they would answer the question asked, as they went around the circle until the last word of their answer and then tagged that person their chant ended on.  The child tagged ran trying to tag the child before they got back around in their place.   

5)  History Sentence Blanket Race!  We saved the best for last!  The kids were asked a history sentence for each team.  After they both finished answering, the moderator said "Go!" and they raced to jump on the blanket and the Dad's pulled them up and back in a race to see who made it first.  The kids LOVED this game!  Thanks to all the Dad's that brought the muscle to make this game fun for the kids!  In God's grace we ended up with four Dads which allowed them to rotate (although I bet there are some sore Dad's today!).

Then the kids were put in a circle with a prize box in the center and called up by shirt color to get what they wanted from the prize box.  Then after everyone got one I called out - have at it and get whatever you want that is left and they all dog piled into the box!  Too silly!  :)

We then had a potluck dinner for everyone and ate picnic style together for some social time.

To end our party we led the kids to sing the timeline song as they did the limbo! 


  1. That looks like it was so much fun. Wish we had time to do that. We did do something similar to this during our Christmas break. Blessings to you and yours and thanks for sharing your fun.

    1. Lori - that's awesome! I hope many more Communities do this type of thing for their Foundation's students. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing all the pics. I'm inspired to do this for our campus!

  3. How fun is that?! Love that you got the Dad's involved.

  4. So fun! I definitely don't put the time into making memory review fun like I should. I'm going to have to be more creative even just with my own kids when we review. Great ideas!