Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Linking Verbs

Today my daughter and I were discussing how it would be easiest for her to remember the linking verbs, we decided that making a linking verb chain would be one fun way.   Here is her chain she made....

After we completed the chain, Sarah decided that making a video of the linking verbs song with her linking chain was the best way for her to learn it.  She really enjoys making videos (as do most kids these days).  We've used making videos and coming up with hand motions or word associations to learn various pieces of the memory work helpful.  I find that the more input she has on the process of how to go about memorizing the information, the easier it is for her to memorize it.

So today I introduced all the linking verbs via the "ants go marching in" song.  She sang it several times and then we began making the video.  Each time she would do a "take" and immediately want to watch herself on my iphone.  Then there might be something like a pause, missed word or other little error or thing she didn't like....so we'd remake it.  We did that over and over again.  By the time she made a video she liked and wanted to "keep" -she had the whole song memorized for the most part.  Sneaky fun to get her to memorize the memory work - all you need is a cell phone!


  1. I LOVE the linking verb chain! (I love so many of your ideas!) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much! It's a blessing to be on this journey. God is so good and I am blessed to be in Community with so many great people!