Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week 12 - Plant Structures

In study of plants - we made a plant system that would demonstrate to the kids how plants need light for photosynthesis.  We started with a shoebox, tape, lima beans, dirt and a plastic cup.

We made cut a large hole in the top and then made two ledges for the plant to find it's way around to reach to the light.  A "maze" of sorts for the plant.  We then watered the bean plant and let it begin to sprout.  Once it started to sprout, we placed it into the box, sealed it up and then watched and waited for it to grow towards the hole.  It took about 7 days for the lima bean to sprout and then I re-watered it and placed it in the shoebox "maze" and it took about another 7 days for the green to begin to show past the second ledge.  We observed and noted what was taking place and guessed how long it would take to reach the top.  

Here is our plant beginning to peek through...

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