Thursday, December 6, 2012

Around the World Christmas Express!!

Today we celebrated Christmas Around the World in 8 Countries!  We began our trip with what everyone needs to travel.....luggage, passports and boarding passes!  I made the "luggage" out of paper bags.  I turned them inside out and replaced the handles after folding the bag down 1/3 of the way.  I got the boarding passes, passport and logo from "Holly" online but her document doesn't have any webpages listed and I don't remember any longer where I found it to give proper credit...

Next we headed to the Airport to go through "security" in order to make our way down the "gingerbread escalator" to the "gate" and "check-in"!  

Next they entered the Gate and "checked" their bags and paid for their flight and handed their boarding passes in to get their seat assignment.  

Then we "flew" to our first Country - Israel!  While they were in-flight they had foods served to them by our "Flight Attendant" that were specific to that Country's celebration (ie; potato latkes for Isreal) and I read them information concerning that Country's Christmas traditions.  The children then "got off the plane" - retrieving their bags from baggage claim and taking them with them to "Customs".

 Saint Lucia crowns and cap....

 Christmas caroling....

Mary and Joseph Procession.....

 Mexico pinata!

 Once we were done in that Country they would fill out a "customs" sheet that was essentially a quiz about what they just learned about that Country both by way of geography and features as well as traditions for Christmas.  They would turn this quiz in to "customs" as they took their bags back to the check-in and boarded the plane for the next Country.

We glued, glittered, wrote, de-riddled, colored, designed, opened, caroled, ate, processioned and whacked!  In the end, here is what "souvenirs" they came away with from their 8 Countries!

What a blessed day of learning and fun!  


  1. A - MA - Zing! As a beneficiary of our time together, Colleen I must say this was a stunning display of creativity and learning coming together. My girls talked about the event into the night --- and as you know we have quite the competing event beginning tomorrow and still the girls went on and on about how special the time had been. Blow by blow re-enactments of "Why Jesus is Better Than Santa" were declared the whole car ride home - that was some skit :) What a wonderful way for our students to experience these other cultures and traditions while appreciating their own here at home. I loved watching as the light bulbs popped whenever we touched on something that related to their memory work as well :) Thank you so very much for this event and all the other ways you help us invest in our children Colleen. You are such a blessing to us all!

  2. Thanks so much for orchestrating this beautiful experience for the children and including our girl. She learned so much and has been telling everyone in the family all about her fantastic adventures today celebrating Christmas throughout the world. She had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your infectious enthusiasm and love for learning with us both. Merry Christmas!
    We greatly appreciate all you do, Colleen! Blessings!