Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Ms. Erynn

We will miss you Erynn!!!

Wonderful Wednesday's is losing a star helper!  Ms. Erynn who has been extra hands on deck, helping with crafts, manning centers- gluing, pasting, cutting, building, labeling and dressing.  She's "traveled" with us to Countries each week; assisting children when they need it, holding a baby in need of attention, watching kids when adults are talking and even being a general go-fer at times.  She will be sorely missed!  She has added a dynamic to my life personally, that was both unexpected and needed.  She gave me the ability to "clone" myself at times allowing me to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to take on.  She has encouraged my children and those in the group, she has stepped in at times when I needed to step out and has given perspective to things that I have been too close to see.  I'm happy for her that she is going to be starting a new chapter in her life with her fiance down in SC.  She will be missed each week as we continue with Wonderful Wednesdays, that for me - will be a little less "wonderful" without her.  Below is a visual story of the assistance she has given our group and the goodbye surprise we gave her yesterday for her final Wonderful Wednesday.  We love you miss Erynn and will miss you!!!

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