Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Plant Cell Model

Today for Wonderful Wednesdays we made a Plant Cell model!  I just made it up based on what seemed like it would work and what was available on sale at Michaels in the clearance racks.  I first cut rectangles out of cardboard boxes I had laying around.  I then found green "stone" spray paint on sale.  I spray painted each rectangle.  Next I cut out vacuoles from light green construction paper.  I found ribbon which made a nice cell wall, some 3-D yellow stickers that had a design looking like a mitochondria once I cut them.  I found this great purple yarn on sale that looked like a golgi body and used green pipe cleaners cut up for the chloroplasts.  Last thing I found was some small white foam balls at the dollar store and we used them for the nucleus!  They aren't pictured till the model is being made.   I originally thought I'd use playdough but they didn't have any at the dollar store so I went to plan B :)!  

Once we put them together with mostly glue and glue guns - we then put either the labels for each part directly on the spot it went on or we used toothpicks to stick it in and label them.  Each child chose which way they wanted to label theirs.  They looked great either way!

 This was our finalized model.  I noticed the cardboard had a bended "flap" and instead of cutting it off, I thought it would make a nice "display" when taped standing up - for the information pertaining to what is different about a Plant Cell verses an Animal Cell.   

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