Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learning about Ancient Egypt - Egypt Party!

Today we were learning about Ancient Egypt - Week 5 for CC.  We had an Egypt Party!  First we set up stations and divided up the kids to go to various stations.

We had a station for making the gold wrist bands and the jeweled finger printed collars.

We had a station making the kids head coverings -complete with asps.  We made the head coverings out of 24"x24" white muslin, aluminum foil for the snake with gold jewels for eyes and a red construction paper tongue.  We rolled the foil and folded it to make a cobra shape, then spray painted it gold and hot glued the jewel eyes and red tongue on.  I found an egyptian looking 3/4" ribbon that was black with gold designs and we used that to go around the head covering and put the asp on.  We just measured their heads and then removed the ribbon and stapled it then put it on their head and wrapped the tin foil snake around it.  The snake stayed just fine.  The boys had the option to use a wooden "scoop" if they wanted instead of the tin foil.  They painted those gold and added the eyes to theirs and we hot-glued it on theirs.  There was also black eye liner and gold/green eye shadow to give the "full effect" of an Ancient Egyptian!

We also had an area where they deciphered their name that was written in hieroglyphics on paper bags so they could take their stuff home.  
Lastly, we had an Egyptian Feast together.  We had lentil soup, homemade whole wheat bread we baked that morning, black olives, grapes, fruit salad and to top it off we had "sand" for desert (which was crushed vanilla wafers with a few chocolate cookies whirled in the food processor till they looked like sand.  Then I made vanilla/hazlenut pudding and put that on the bottom with the layer of thick "sand" on top.  The kids thought that was funny and couldn't wait to eat "sand".  

This was our group picture of the transformed Egyptians!! 



  1. What a blast! The creativity never ends with you! Such a wonderful memory - thanks Colleen!

  2. Great idea having the kids dress up AT the party! I wouldn't have thought of that, but it really would take the pressure off the guests (not having to come up with a costume beforehand). I'm hoping to do an ancient Greece party sometime soon and I'll have to try to come up with a similar idea!

  3. I can't remember if I commented or got distracted, so just in case....... I love the idea of a party, what a great idea, and thanks for linking up.