Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching Plan Sample

Each week is planned out for every subject, including presentations for that week, possible book options and even Netflix to rent that go with that week's material and you have a bunch of hyperlinks that allow you to click on them and take you to information resources, worksheets to print and/or games for the kids to play related to the week's material.  You can choose to do all or just pick and choose what resources each week to use.  How much you do or what you do will depend on you.  You are the Teacher and assessing where your individual child is and their ability to expand upon the curriculum is up to you.  There is one day that is assumed you are in a Community - so I didn't plan that.  Then there is a day called Wonderful Wednesdays - which I described in my blog "A Day in the Life of CC Homeschooling".  These Wednesdays are on a separately planned document that you get along with the 12 week plan.  If you want to do the exact lapbooks I reference in the plan, then it requires a separate purchase from .  However, if you prefer or would not like to make a separate purchase for the lapbooks suggested, then make this a day to do lapbooks you can find from various other webpages that offer them for free and you could correspond them with the time period or geography or a special area of interest your child has that came up from the memory work.  Here is an example of a free lapbook that could be used instead for the week on Egypt  I use the lapbooks referenced because I felt the hard work was done of matching up all the memory work to each week in a labpook format.  However, I have pinned on my Pinterest page, several free lapbooking webpages for you to peruse and use should you decide to go this alternate route.  Most importantly, just make Wonderful Wednesday's your own and how it works best for you and your family or group.  See below for a glimpse of the Wonderful Wednesday's plan.  This plan can be done as a single family, a large family or a group of CC families that might get together weekly during the school year (which is what we're doing).  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any questions  

Please note that the lapbooks are NOT included in this purchase.  Please be aware that the "lapbooks" referenced on Wonderful Wednesdays are a separate purchase from the following website: 
and would need to be purchased from Wisdomandrighteousness to incorporate into your week as my plan lays out.  However, you can easily change and add things once you receive the word document to fit whatever you decide to do on your Wonderful Wednesdays!  I encourage you to make it your own.

Here is a sample of the pin map tabs I've made that go along with the weeks Geography memory work to pin on our maps and stamp our "passports" each week. 

For additional resources for planning - you can visit my Pinterest Page under Solagratiamom.


  1. I have some questions about the teaching plans. Can you email me? Is the cost still the same now that we're in week 6? It looks great from the sample but I'm wondering if it would work for us (11yr, 8 and 6yrs). Thanks,

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